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twist starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, more graphic testimony from a woman on trial for killing her boyfriend. she says she shot him, stabbed him, slit his throat. but jody arias says it was actually all his fault. plus, say good bye to mail on saturday. >> delivery schedule too big of a cost savings to ignore. >> shepard: tonight, why letter carriers say this is going to be a disaster. the $10,000 college degree. >> such a great price for such a great education. >> what we're bringing to the table is opportunity and
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access. >> shepard: what do you really get for your money? plus, monopoly announces which token will never again pass go. and which new one will take its place. but first from fox this wednesday night. a woman who admits stabbing her ex-boyfriend, shooting him, cutting his throat is implying that she was the real victim in the relationship. she is jody aria. she took the stand for a third straight day in a courtroom in phoenix. she is facing possible death penalty for killing her ex back in 2008. we have a photo of what the couple looked like back then. you will notice she was blonde at the time. she admits slashing and stabbing him 27 times. putting a bullet in his head and soliciting his throat. prosecutors say she did it because she was jealous that the boyfriend was getting together with another woman. but she says it was self-defense. and today she claimed that during their relationship he
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was using her. our adam housley has been monitoring the trial. adam, this thing just wrapped up for the week. where does it stand? >> well, it stands with her still on the stand, shepard, you know, the surprise a couple days ago that she took the stand at all in her defense. now she is still there and she will be back on monday with probably at least one more full day of the defense team neil, the defense team is going very methodical, going slow. explaining every single relationship she has had since high school. now talking about traverse alexander. at one point during testimony today she said she felt used after one of their very first encounters. >> i began to think well, i sent him a text message on monday. by that time he still didn't return any of those three attempts. so by that point, i was beginning to think that i had been very stupid and he got what he wanted and he wasn't interested in me anymore. >> again, the defense providing details by using her and her testimony basically trying to paint him as being a
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bad guy, shepard. >> shepard: a lot of dead boyfriends for that. we heard a lot of testimony about her love life. what does that accomplish it? >> was extremely graphic in pictures and in words. what they're trying to do is to show that this man was not a proper mormon single man. that he would go out of his way to meet other women. he would do things that most mormon men would not do. he basically mislead her. the thought is by court on or abouters observers. the defense contends that he might have beat her or threatened her and that's what led to her killing him back in 2008. of course, the prosecution says this was all a jealous rage and that she killed him when she found him with another woman. shepard? >> shepard: adam housley live for us. adam, thanks. the new york city woman beaten to death in turkey may have had a secret lover. this is new today. her name is sarai sierra. she was supposed to return from a trip to istanbul last month. investigators found her body
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there near ancient ruins. somebody had beaten her beyond recognition. this is new. she was dressed only in a t-shirt and panties. now reports that a man investigators have been questioning has apparently admitted, yes, he did have an affair with her and the "new york post," which this network's parent company owns, reports fbi agents say she was hanging with a criminal element during her trip. sierra's husband and brother went to turkey to try to find her before investigators discovered the body. they have since headed home but the investigation is far from over. no more regular mail on saturdays, that's it. at least come august. the head of the u.s. postal service says that will be the new normal starting at the end of the summer. officials tell us the agency is losing $25 million a day. it had to do something. here is what they say it will mean for all of us. you will not get first class mail like letters or birthday cards on saturdays. you will still get packages, priority mail, express mail
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and medicine. post offices now open on saturdays will be open on saturdays but po boxes will still get regular mail on saturdays. the post master general says his research shows 70% of americans are okay with this. >> the choice is either change some of the service or raise prices. and people don't want prices raised will make the changes in service. >> but the head of the letter carrier's union calls this a disastrous idea that will hurt millions of customers it would be particularly harmful to small businesses, rural communities, the elderly, the disabled and others who depend on saturday delivery for commerce and communication. gerri willis from the fox business network is live from her set over at the willis report. gerri, you know, when in doubt blame the internet. >> it is our fault, you know. the usps lost $41 billion over the last six years because we turned to the internet. we used private shippers. and we are online all the time. you can blame us for using
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other methods of transportation for information and gifts and everything else we send through the mail. in november the postal service reported a 16 billion-dollar loss because of it. and they have had to default on billions in retiree health benefits. they are in a heck of a mess, shep. >> shepard: post master general can do this unilaterally? he doesn't have to go to congress for this. >> there is almost nothing can he do unilaterally. this is one of the few things. congress has to approve most stuff that they do. at the end of the day congress hasn't given them any kind of bill that would reform or modernize u.s. postal service. so, there is not much they can do. their hands are tied. >> shepard: china shuts down the internet we will need them, won't we? >> that's right. >> shepard: gerri willis live for us. thanks, gerri. the boy scows say they need more time to decide whether to drop their ban on gay scouts and gay troop leaders. the national executive board met this week at its headquarters in irving texas. board members decided to put the proposal up for a vote at
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the organization's annual meeting which is coming up in may. speaking of the chinese. their hackers are still attacking the "wall street journal." that's according to the news corps chairman rupert murdoch who owns the journal and network. last week he treat tweet and i quote chinese were hack us or were over the weekends. executives from the "new york times" and "the washington post" say hackers got into their computer systems as well too. sources at bloomberg news managed to fight off attempted cyber attack. they are good with computers there. federal reserve says hackers infiltrated one of its internal web sites but did not effect any important operations at the central bank. using drones to kill accused american terrorists without a trial, without a lawyer. without anything but a drone. the president's pick for the cia director is going to have to answer some questions about that little matter. that's ahead inside fox report. also, details of the secret rehearsals to raid that bunker where the accused killer was holding that frightened little
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boy hostage. and what we now know about an incredible underground fight. plus, one of the world's most famous san francisco cable cars has crashed. and you won't believe the tiny thing that caused all the trouble and all those injuries ahead from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report.
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suspect started firing away with his gun. little ethan did not get hurt in that fire fight and is now back with his family. as i mentioned, the suspect is dead. trace gallagher with the news. what more do we know about what the agents found down there in that bunker? >> well, we can tell you, shep. the fbi agents reportedly were watching every move that jimmie lee dykes had made. using high tech camera that they snuck inside the bunker. they knew when they picked up a weapon and was carrying it around. when negotiations started going sowvment the swat teams got ready to pounce. reports say when dykes climbed a ladder to get more supplies, that's when agents used a stun grenade to blow open the door. and dykes shot first.
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agents returned fire. killing him. former fbi negotiator bill daley says these types of rescues are a calculated risk. >> we hope they hit the right combination of things. they do have things such as rules of engagement as to how they will and when go in and use force. but all that is actually dictated by the individual issues going on. the psychological makeup of the person. of the perpetrator. the changing environment. the physical environment. >> and very important to note that bunker, shep, was only 6 feet by 8 feet. very little room forerer. >> and when he climbed the ladder they busted up in there that's incredible. they bound bombs in there, too? >> yeah, this thing was definitely rigged to blow, shep. one of those bombs was found inside that rent legs pipe that police were using to communicate to jim were lee jimmie lee dykes that entire week.
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the other one was inside the bunker. the fbi says that dykes tried to fortify the door to keep rescue teams out that clearly did not work. the fbi says both bombs were, quote: disrupted. it's unclear if that means they were disarmed or if they were deston nateed but the bomb squad has cleared that bunker as well as rest of the property belonging to jimmie lee dykes, shep. >> shepard: few people can have much of an idea about the kind of things ethan went through in that bunker, but one woman may, her name is katie beers. back in 1992, a neighbor kidnapped her, kept her in an underground bunker for more than two weeks in bayshore, new york. she was 10 years old at the time. a photo shows workers using a crane to lift that 6 by 9-foot cement and wood bunker after she was rescued. today, katie beers is a married mother of two. and she released a statement that reads in part: i'm exstatic that ethan has been retrieved safe and sound.
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she also said she still feels the effects of her kidnapping all these years later. an 87-year-old man accused of shooting somebody at an assisted living home happened washington state north of seattle. suspect told police a staff had been bullying people. court documents show on monday the suspect walked into the staff's office and said "i have got something for you and then shot him in the stomach. but even with a gunshot wound, the victim fought back. >> he was able to disarm the man and get the gun out of the way so that there was no more damage done to himself or to anybody else there at the facility. >> shepard: the victim now recovering. his relatives also deny he has bullied anybody. the judge ordered the senior citizen suspect held on $200,000 bond. a cable car smashed up in san francisco. seven people hurt. one of them reportedly hurt so badly he could die. >> the cable car was coming down here southbound, and had about 50 passengers on board. when it hit a bolt in the middle of the roadway.
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stopped the car dead. >> shepard: there is the bolt that apparently caused it all. a fire department spokesperson says an older man was hurt the worst when he fell and hit hesitate head. look at this, a delivery truck dangling precariously off the edge of the over pass off i-9 a this morning. one passenger died in this. that name on the truck there tracy bakery belongs to a company down in miami. crews eventually pulled that truck back to safety. paramedics rushed the driver back-to-a. who witnesses say the olympic champion lindsey vonn creamed and cursed as she landed hard and tumbled face first down a mountain today. today lindsey vonn is talking about her injuries and her future. plus, things turned ugly outside a mosque in egypt. an irate egyptian worshiping whipped off his shoe and hurled it at the president of iran. that's a serious insult to mahmoud ahmadinejad. and we have the video as fox reports live tonight.
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new information on the super star skier lindsey vonn, she is headed for surgery in colorado after that bad crash on the slopes yesterday. von tore ligaments in her knee and broke shin bone in this crash. she released a statement thanked her doctors and also wrote i'm grateful to my fabs four outpouring of support that has helped me stay positive. i will assure you i will work as hard as humanly possible to represent my country next year at the winter olympics. fog delayed the race on tuesday for hours. officials say visibility was great. and the course was in good shape tell the of the crash. the pink cannot afford to deploy more aircraft carriers to one of the world's most important bodies of water. that today from the seched
7:21 pm
leon panetta who blames budget constraints. secretary pa theta says the navy will now only have one carrier in the persian gulf. iran's front yard. a place through which 20% of the world's oil flows. lawmakers have until march the 1st to cut $500 billion from the pentagon's budget over the next decade. if they don't automatic cuts kick. in with that dangling overhead the military has had its hands tied they tell us. jennifer pentagon -- griffin is at the pentagon tonight. i know they want more money. >> that's right. it is significant in terms of the message that it sends to iran right now in a very tense time in the middle east. but it is and it is the first concrete sign that the budget uncertainty is going to have a real impact on national security. at a time when tensions are are high with iran over its nuclear program and negotiations might be coming soon, the u.s. had had a policy of having two aircraft carriers over the golf for the past two years. the uss eisenhower will deploy later this month. but it will go alone we're
7:22 pm
told to replace the uss. according to george little said facing budget uncertainty continuing budget resolution and across the board sequestration cuts made this request to the secretary and he approved. secretary of defense approved to reverse the deployment. uss truman at the very last minute, shep. >> shepard: what does it mean for the families on the uss truman? >> it really wreaks havoc on the lives of those family members of those sailors who were supposed to deploy on friday. the uss truman was supposed to leave on friday. they only heard today that they were not going. some of them will have to find some place to live. they may have gotten rid of their leases it really is a big deal for those families. >> shepard: jen griffin at the pentagon. jeb, thanks. an apparent assassination today in the country widely considered the birthplace of the so-called arab spring. protests broke out after
7:23 pm
somebody gunned down opposition leader outside of his home. he had been critical of the new government and of radical muslims. his death raising tensions in the north african nations. two years after the uprising that toppled a dictator and triggered revolts around the world. in egypt today a man threw a shoe at the iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad as he visited a mosque in cairo. shoe it is. it did not appear to hit the president. but an arab culture just showing the bottom of your shoe is a sign of extreme disrespect. throwing a shoe, well, that's worse. security officials say the shoe thrower may be a syrian protesting iran's support of the syrian regime. back in 2008, an iraq journalist flung his shoe at then president bush during a press conference. the president ducked and well and brushed off the incident saying that's what happens in free societies. the governor of california proclaimed today ronald reagan day in honor of the late president's birthday. u.s. marines placed a wreath
7:24 pm
at president reagan's grave site in semi valley california. former presidential candidate rudy giuliani among the speakers at the ceremony there ronald reagan would have been 1012 years old today. the republican rising star marco rubio is set to make history. the senator will do something the night of the president's state of the union address that we haven't seen in our lifetime. plus droning american citizens. the obama administration puts in writing. when it's okay for the u.s. government to kill u.s. citizens. and tonight we're just hours away from what may be an explanation about the death memo. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of thous as fox reports live tonight. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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>> shepard: a real environmental mystery and economic catastrophe. the stunning site of millions of dollars worth of dead fish in the waters. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iceland. 30 tons of dead herring covering the beach and waters of a glacial inlet in the west. it's the second time it's happened in two months. researchers say one cause appears to be low oxygen levels in a shallow forward. nearby construction could be to blame. the government has ordered an investigation. india. authorities diffused a roadside bomb. they found it near two police stations in a crowded northeastern city. a bomb squad safely destroyed
7:29 pm
it. at last check, no group has claimed responsibility. france. dozens of vintage cars and motorcycles on the auction block in paris for the week long retromobile fare there is a 1931 but gatti racing type considered one of the most powerful of its time. experts say it could fetch nearly $5 million. also for sale the 1929 bi plane that robert redford's character flew in the oscar winning film "out of africa." sweden, couples tieing the knot made entirely of ice. the inside temperature reportedly just below zero. the chapel opened the doors each year from december to april attracting brides and grooms from all over the world for a walk down the snow covered aisle. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
7:30 pm
i'm shepard smith. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the florida senator marco rubio now we know he will give the republican response to president obama's state of the union address coming up on tuesday. in english, and in spanish. party leaders usually pick a rising star to give the prime time speech. senator rubio follows former indiana governor mitch daniels, republican congressman paul ryan before he became the vice presidential nominee. rob mcdonnell and louisiana governor bobby jindal who you will recall didn't get rave reviews. jonathan hunt is here. so, jonathan, probably no coincidence in this case that he became one of the leading voices of the immigration issue. >> yeah, of course, a lot of analysts and indeed many leading republicans believe that the party stance on immigration was one of the reasons, if not the main one that the republicans did so badly in terms of the hispanic vote in the last election.
7:31 pm
12.2 hispanics voted. president obama got 71% of those votes to governor romney's 27%. so, step forward senator rubio. one of that bipartisan group of 8 senators who made a series of immigration reform proposals last month just ahead of the president. senator rubio, of course, is the son of cuban immigrants. in the eyes of many republicans and the senator himself is therefore, the perfect man to lead the republican outreach on this issue. listen. >> i am calling you to this issue in terms of the senate. i'm not new in terms of my life. i lived surrounded by immigrants. my neighbors are immigrants. my family is immigrants. married into a family of immigrants. i see immigration every single day. i see the good of immigration. i see how important it is for our future. as most americans i recognize how critical an immigration system that works has been for our heritage as it is for our future. >> now, senator rubio has also talked tough on border security, back taxes and
7:32 pm
probationary periods for undocumented immigrants as he seeks to balance the conservative part of his party, that has always supported him with the centrist both he and the republicans as a whole need for elections. >> shepard: speaking of balance anything for 25016. >> supporters think this role will boost him as he tries to do that he has got some work to do. this poll was taken by fox news back in december before his front and center role in the immigration debate. but it had chris christie at 26%. paul ryan, congressman ryan, you see there at 22%. senator rubio at 17%. none of the above above marco rubio with 21%. now, this state of the union response will thrust him though into the spotlight but, you know, as many have found out before him, that spotlight can certainly brighten a political star, shep, but it can also burn one. and there is a long way to go
7:33 pm
and a lot of politics before we get to 2016. >> for sure. jonathan, thanks. marco rubio after the president on tuesday night we will catch ram track down it washington for the state of the union and bring you "studio b" and fox report live from washington. that's next tuesday. for the first time, president obama has nominated a woman to fill one of the open cabinet positions during his second term. the post is secretary of the interior which manages our national parks and other public land and the president has picked somebody who likely knows a thing or two about the outdoors. she is sally giuliani president and chief executive of the recreational chain rei. >> she has shown that a company with more than $1 billion in sales can do the right thing for our planet. for sally, the toughest part of this job will probably be sitting behind a desk. i suspect she will want to get out of the office quite a bit. >> shepard: republican congressman rob bishop argues that other potential candidates for interior secretary have more experience in the politics of federal land. and the senate committee just
7:34 pm
delayed a vote on the president's nominee for defense secretary chuck hagel. lawmakers say that they are hoping it would happen tomorrow. but some republicans are asking for more information from the former nebraska senator. he faced some tough questions from fellow republicans at his confirmation hearing last week. they asked him about his record on israel, iran, and other issues. senators now say they hope to vote on his nomination as soon as possible. just in to fox news, the justice department will send lawmakers the classified legal arguments for droning american citizens to death. that's according to an administration official. yesterday, we got a look at the government's guidelines for killing americans in foreign countries. basically officials don't have to take to you court, charge you with anything, give you a lawyer, even notify you. they just have to decide that you are a senior terror leader and an imminent threat to the united states and that it would be too dangerous to try to capture you so then they can kill you. senators from both parties have been threatening to make this an issue at tomorrow's confirmation hearings for john brennan, the president's
7:35 pm
nominee for cia director. catherine herridge is on this in washington tonight. the white house now defending brennan and defending these drone strikes. >> well, that's right. after facing backlash over the targeted killing program. the white house insisted its nominee to head the cia is not in trouble. >> so the president believes that the senate should and will confirm john brennan expeditiously. >> but white house counter terrorism advisor john brethren nap described the architect as the expanded drone campaign. the target adding al qaeda leaders overseas crosshairs of republicans democrats. mr. obama's traditional supporters on the left. >> the united states took a program that had very -- used very minimally by president bush. now they are over 3,000 civilians who have been killed in this -- in this program. >> these documents released tonight by the senate intelligence committee in advance of tomorrow's hearing, show john brennan was questioned by federal investigators as part of two
7:36 pm
national security leak investigations. brennan claims he is only considered a witness in those cases and not the subject of the investigators, shep. >> shepard: analysts have said, catherine, he will face tough questioning tomorrow on torture as well. >> well, another line of questioning at the hearing will likely focus on brennan's 2007 statement that the controversial cia program, which included the waterboarding of 9/11 architect khalid sheikh mohammed saved lives. brennan later said he had raised concerns within the cia about the program that critics label as torture. >> this was not a program that would normally be discussed between john and myself. but if he says that he talked to colleagues about it, and expressed reservations, i believe him. because this is is a very straightforward honest guy. >> current and former intelligence officials say brennan may have baggage but he does seem to be one of the most highly qualified people to lead the cia at this time, shep. >> shepard: catherine, thanks a lot. >> you are welcome. >> shepard: virginia could soon be the first state in the united states to ban most drones from its skies.
7:37 pm
lawmakers approved a two year moratorium saying that this could violate people's privacy. the bill does make exception for emergencies like searching for missing children. but no word on whether governor bob mcdonald will sign it last year he said letting police use surveillance drones would be the right thing to do. charlottesville, virginia just became the first american city to approve restrictions on drones. it rejected an all-out ban but voted not to use evidence from the aircraft in court. rebel fighters in syria today brought the battle to the heart of that regime. the heavily guarded downtown streets in the capital city of damascus. [gunfire. >> shepard: the rebels reportedly attacked government checkpoints with large antiaircraft machine guns. the government sponsored -- responded by shelling rebel targets in the suburbs. all while arab leaders met in cairo to try to negotiate an end to the conflict. the united nations reports more than 60,000 people have died so far in the civil war.
7:38 pm
we also have disturbing new video that a nonprofit group has posted online and it appears to capture the moment an explosion goes off in the midst of an opposition rally. we can't verify the you a ten tis city but the blast happens right behind a little girl as she sings the words "hopeing for freedom ♪ [explosion] >> shepard: the word is the little girl survived. it appears the others did not. the video has now gone viral around the world. keep in mind u.s. troops just arrived on the syrian border with patriot missiles to try to help protect neighboring turkey from any syrian attack. our greg palkot is near the turkish/syrian border tonight. greg? >> yeah, shep. a lot of violence, a lot of upheaval as you have been reporting the past 24 hours in this region we got some insights into that today from a top commander in the free syrian army. his name is malik al kurdi
7:39 pm
colonel in the syrian military before he defected. we caught up with him in a town along the turkish syria border a hub of rebel activity. he admits there are islamic extremists foreign fighters battling alongside his own men. claim they are supported from outside of the country and he doesn't openly condone their brutal tactics. as for negotiations, between the assad regime and the rebels, there have been reports both ways on this. just in the past 24 hours, he flatly rejects them. he says it's just a stalling tactic for assad just to kill more people. how will assad meet his end? take a listen. >> assad's killing will continue until he falls. it's difficult to say how and will he will end. i think the only way he will leave is by military means and military force. >> how long will that end take? well, maybe another six months according to the colonel. he says that is if iran and russia withdraw their support
7:40 pm
from assad and it would help if the u.s. boosted its support all the while the blood shed continues, shep? >> shepard: greg palkot overseas tonight. the state of virginia may soon start printing its own money. lawmakers say it will come in handy if the u.s. dollar goes belly up plus, want to save money on college? we'll show you where schools are now offering degrees for as little as $10,000. and board walk is getting a new visitor. the folks who make monopoly announcing which token is joining the board game. and which ones is getting kicked to the curb. details on the game changer. who would have thought that the internet would pick -- s pred the crème part of an oreo. [ whispering ] that's crazy, the cookie's the best part. crème. cookie. crème. cookie. [ whispering ] crème. [ whispering ] cookie. [ whispering ] crème. [ whispering ] cookie. [ whispering ] crème. [ whispering ] cookie. crème! [ fire alarm ringing ] [ whispering ] firrreeee! crème. cookie.
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7:44 pm
please ♪ >> oh my god. [dog barking] >> it's a cat to scratch your eyes out. what else do you expect from the internet? the cat beat out a robot, a diamond ring, a helicopter and a guitar. of course, now one piece has to go off the dodobird and that piece is the iron. beloved by garment makers worldwide. but according to those internet voters, the iron was the least popular token in the game. now with the edition of kitty cat, scotty the dog has a new arch enemy to chase around and attempt to consume. lawmakers warning of a potential financial apocalypse. they are pushing their state to consider making its own money. you go, virginia. got to make it just in case the u.s. dollar collapses. virginia state house just passed a republican backed measure that would set aside
7:45 pm
$17,000 to look into whether the state should mint its own money. state democrats have mocked the initiative mercilessly. one called the effort a dissent into serious la la land. although several other states have recently considered similar proposals making their own money. earn a college degree for 10,000 bucks. that's u.s. not virginia. may sound like internet scam. at public universities and colleges in handful of state it's becoming reality. college television has skyrocketed. average for in state tuition is currently more than 8600 bucks a year. 4% higher than last year. add it up it's nearly 35 grand before inflation. keep in mind that does not include the room and the board and the books and the fees that can nearly double everything. texas republican governor rick perry first proposed the $10,000 college degree and since then several other governors have followed suit. including florida republican rick scott. >> what did i today was
7:46 pm
challenge our state colleges, can they come up with $10,000 degrees. $10,000 for all the tuition for a degree where they know they can get a job? shep they will just teach each other. some democrats call it a gimmick pointing out that those sam governors supported massive spending cuts to universities. other proponents say it could end up cheapening the value of the diploma. adam shapiro has more on this. does this apply to all public universities in states like florida? >> when you think florida state. university of florida. no this would not apply to those institution. think the old community colleges and the junior colleges. they are upping their game. these are valid four year accredited degrees, shep. so the 904 billion in student loan debt now is greater than credit card debt. so that's why governors like governor perry and governor scott are calling on what they call the 10 kb.a. >> beware the bubble. what kind of degrees are are you talking about. >> miami dade college well you
7:47 pm
can see right there. they offer accredited bachelor of arts degrees in different kinds of programs where you can get a job almost immediately, law enforcement, nursing, engineering. those are the kinds of things that they are offering. again, english degree or the things you get at university of florida, florida state. valid accredited degrees for 10,000 bucks. >> 10 grand, not bad. >> not bad. >> shepard: thank you. a major winter storm about to bear down on the northeast it could bring a couple of feet of snow. more than we have seen in years. that's coming up. plus, a deadly disaster on a highway and now what the officials say caused this fiery crash. that's next as fox reports live tonight. ♪ using robotics and mobile technology,
7:48 pm
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2k3w067ing storm set to could dump as much as two feet of snow? comamp and maine make it one of the most powerful storms to hit the area in years. rick reichmuth in the extreme weather center. what are you thinking? this winter in storm. everybody at a deficit. this will be the first big storm we have had in a very long time big zacket. two storms now. this is where all the moisture is out across the south. cold air is with this system across the northern plains. both of these storms are going to continue to move up here. they will get together. we call it phasing the streams insteps city once it gets over water. that will happen areas across the northern hazell of jersey. philadelphia and d.c. nor of an new england storm. blizzard watches for boston and proched. very strong went with this. areas of new england definitely getting a monster
7:52 pm
storm boston and portland inland two feet 32-degree line make a difference for new york. going to be over 1 to 3 inches. maybe 3 to 6 if it goes farther toward the south. shep? >> shepard: not too bad for us. heavy fog may be to blame for a gruesome scene this morning after a series of crashes involving some 27 cars and trucks. officials say it happened on interstate 16 west of savannah, georgia likely because vanget as many as seven tractor trailers got caught in the action. one fuel tanker blew up leaving piles of burnt and twisted metal all over the place. pileup killed four people and sent nine to the hospital. investigator trying to figure out exactly how it happened. the most expensive show on broadway history and one of the most infamous is set to hold a special performance this spring for theater goers with autism. the show is spider man turn
7:53 pm
off the dark. you may remember it broke the record for the most preview performances after some creative overhauls and injuries that sidelined several performances in the stunt heavy musical. other shows including the lion king, mary poppins and elf the musical from previously put on you a tim friendly performances by cutting down the strobe lights and startling sounds. signing day biggest day in the off seen. the day that top high school players announce where they will be playing come fall. for a change it was neither alabama nor florida that grabbed that number one recruit they so desperately wanted. it was my rebels. defensive end robert is an ole miss rebel. oxford is in fuego as fox reports tonight. mom that wanted him at oxford because his brother is on the team and super star. she loves the place and the people she says. today "studio b" spoke with the head coach there hue freeze but what it took to land the biggest fish in the
7:54 pm
sea. >> our team, our players probably were the best recruiters when we got them on campus because they sold our coaching staff and our vision to those top recruits and their families. you know, had we not had that natural tie-in there, would we be setting here talking about that? probably not. >> shepard: the modesty. not to brag but coach freeze also grabbed the number one wide receiver in the nation. number two safety in the nation. number two juko in the nation. espn calls it a top five class. that's never happened. a hue freeze warning in oxford. tigers and bulldogs don't like a freeze. a baseball card is expected to fetch up to 6 figures at auction after experts discovered just how rare the thing is. and the guy who owns it found old photo album he bought in an old charred sale. that's coming up driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check.
7:55 pm
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challenge that with olay facial hair removal duos for fine or coarse hair. first a pre-treatment balm then the effective cream. for gentle hair removal at far less than salon prices. there's no place like home. >> shepard: super rare baseball card for 1865 hits the auction block and new
7:58 pm
discovery could help fetch it more money than first thought. that's the card. a photo of the brooklyn atlantics, an amateur team in the day. a guy bought it at a yard sale in maine last year and had it appraised. experts said it was a copy of one at the library of congress. look very closely here, it's actually a slightly different picture. the camera that snapped had had two lenses. auctioneers say it could fetch 100,000 bucks. before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five, astronomers say scores earth like world. one could be 77 trillion miles away which is apparently right next door in galactic terms. number four the pentagon is cutting off aircraft carrier presence in the persian gulf amid budget precious. federal reserve reports hackers breached one of the internal web sites only briefly. number two postal service reports it will cut saturday delivery starting in august. could save 2 billion a year. number one the woman who shot and stabbed her ex-boyfriend
7:59 pm
and slit his throat claimed she was the reeled victim there. that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1978, an epic blizzard with hurricane-force winds rocked the northeast and dumped up to 3 feet of snow in less than two days. the snow fell so fast it stranded thousands of cars on major highways across new england. carbon monoxide killed more than a dozen people as they huddled, trapped in their vehicles. the storm claimed around 100 lives all tolled, sparked nearly $2 billion in damage, a lot back then. and left thousands of people with no heat, no food, no water, no electric for up to a week after it struck. it took several more weeks to get things back to normal. when a blizzard brought new england to a stand still 35 years ago today. and now you know the news for this wednesday february the 6th, signing day, 2013. i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow at noon pacific, 3:00 eastern, it was fun

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